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Calentadores solares para alberca

Solar heating

If your business or company uses hot water, steam, or other high-temperature fluid within its processes, you can install a solar heating or pre-heating system, with the purpose of saving fuel or electric energy.

Depending on the temperature range, different fluids and processes will be required. Here is a brief description of the solutions we offer for solar heating:

Low temperature

We have the capacity to develop systems for fluids heating, mainly water, with temperature ranges among 20 °C and 150 °C.
Its application is mainly given for heating swimming pools, showers and some special uses.

Medium temperature

In this case, the temperature range of the fluids is between 150 ° C and 400 ° C.
These systems are mainly used for sites with high heat demand.

High temperature

The fluid temperature, mainly water, rises until superheated steam is obtained, and it is used mainly in industrial processes.

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